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Lee’s Cellulose Insulation Project in West Des Moines, Iowa

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Lee is a past customer of ours. We met Lee back in 2018 when she had us install LeafGuard® Brand Gutters on her West Des Moines home. She was working on some other home exterior projects when she reached back out to us for her roofing needs. When starting to work on Lee’s roof, we found that her attic’s insulation was in need of some TLC. She decided that she should go ahead with both of the projects.


before attic insulation in west des moines
Upon our inspection of Lee’s attic in West Des Moines, heat loss and moisture had caused his minimal insulation to degrade. Warm, moist air had made its way into the cool attic and caused attic mold problems. Lee’s home showed signs that too much-conditioned air was leaking into the attic, the HVAC system consumed more energy than necessary.

Minimizing Heat And Air Loss With Our Insulation Solutions

Taking a look at Lee’s attic, the insulation was at a lower R-value than it needed to be for the maximized heat and air. The trapped moisture in the attic was causing the insulation to become moldy and dingy looking. The previous insulation wasn’t laid down evenly throughout the attic. Some parts were bare without any insulation covering the wood. To fix this issue Lee was having, we air sealed the joints, cracks, and other exposed openings in her attic. Next, we insulated her attic with blown-in cellulose highering her R-value for what her home needed. Lee’s home now has the maximized heat it needs to provide her in a comfortable atmosphere. With her LeafGuard® Gutters, new roof, and improved insulation, Lee’s home brings the best curb appeal.


cellulose insulation in west des moines attic
Cellulose Insulation is resistant to combustion, insects, and mold. Our blown-in insulation is an affordable and effective way to upgrade your attic insulation, and it’s better than traditional fiberglass because it fills more space.

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