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Overcoming the Challenge of Storm Damage

Roof & Gutter Replacement Solution

Discover our solution for Merlin’s Huxley, Iowa, home and the challenge of storm damage. Living in Iowa comes with unpredictable weather conditions and as a homeowner, this can create stressful and overwhelming situations.

With HSI on your side, you can have peace of mind knowing our impressive team has the skills and experience to help you complete your next project. Learn how Merlin took action and called us after a storm rolled through his neighborhood last spring.

  • Challenge of Storm Damage
  • Challenge of Storm Damage

Before HSI’s storm damage solution:  The storm last spring damaged Merlin’s roof and gutters, which left behind dents in many areas.

The Problem

Merlin urgently needed hail damage replacement and found the ultimate solution in LeafGuard® and GAF roofing by HSI, the local company to trust. As a retired homeowner, lowering the amount of home maintenance was important to Merlin and we made this storm damage process hassle-free for him.

The Solution

Through the initial roof and gutter inspection, our experts found the exact locations of the visible damage to show to him. At HSI, we pride ourselves on being advanced damage assessment professionals. We recommended Timberline HDZ shingles for his roof and Aluminum LeafGuard® Gutters.

The Installation

After the installation of over 300 feet of Clay LeafGuard® Gutters, Merlin was thrilled with his project. He no longer needs to stress about his storm damage challenges, as HSI took care of everything. The best product combination for your Iowa home is a LeafGuard® system with a GAF roof.

  • Merlin's storm damage project
  • Challenge of storm damage
  • Challenge of storm damage

Storm Damage Solution: With our excellent team of experts, our process for the challenge of storm damage is hassle-free.

Ultimate Home Solution: LeafGuard® & GAF Roofing

A new roof and gutter system was the solution for Merlin, following the April hailstorm in Huxley. Our products enhance the aesthetics of every home while being more resistant to bending and denting, compared to other systems. By choosing Home Solutions of Iowa, you can have peace of mind knowing your home is protected.

Embrace hassle-free maintenance and peace of mind as your home becomes well-equipped to weather any storm. The local contractor you can trust for all your exterior remodeling needs. Elevate your Huxley, Iowa, home to a new level of excellence. Take the first step today!

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