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Ron’s LeafGuard® Project In Oelwein, Iowa

43 Years of Gutter Maintenance In Oelwein

Ron has owned his Oelwein, Iowa home for 43 years. That was 43 years of climbing up on a ladder to fish out leaves and debris. Living a busy life of work, family time, and hobbies; gutter maintenance needed to be a thing of the past a long time ago. Ron knew climbing ladders was not attainable for him in the near future. After seeing an ad for LeafGuard® Gutters on TV, Ron decided to see what gutter system options were available to have installed on his Oelwein, Iowa home. He called Home Solutions of Iowa to have one of our experts come out to explain how our gutter system would be the best option for his health and home.


Saying Goodbye To Gutter Maintenance Forever

After learning how LeafGuard® Gutters are the only one-piece gutter system on the market, Ron knew that was the system to have installed. After 43 years of climbing ladders, hearing that he will never have to climb one again made his day. Our qualified tradesmen installed 555 ft. of Aluminum White LeafGuard® Gutters giving his Oelwein, Iowa home a whole new curb appeal. Ron has an enhanced beautiful home with a new maintenance-free lifestyle thanks to the one-piece gutter system: LeafGuard® Gutters.


front of home view of a oelwein house with LeafGuard Gutters installed
Ron’s home is now safeguarded with the best gutter system on the market: LeafGuard® Gutters
Having a proper gutter installed on Ron’s home will save him a lot of time in gutter maintenance.

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