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Buying A New Home Calls For New Gutters

New Home, New Gutters

Kylee recently bought a new home in West Des Moines, Iowa. In need of a lot of exterior home maintenance, new gutters were top on the list. Her gutters were dinged up from storm damage in the past, falling away from the home, and struggling to do the job intended. Kylee decided it was time to invest in a lifetime gutter system. She remembered hearing about a company that provided a one-piece gutter system called LeafGuard®. She decided to give them a call to have one of their Home Solution Experts come out to provide her with a free estimate.


home in need of new gutters west des moines
Kylee’s West Des Moines had such a beautiful curb appeal but was in dire need of new gutters.
Kylee’s dented gutter was a cause for further damage to the exterior of her home.

New Gutters Checked Off The List

Kylee’s home was an interesting one for her gutter situation. There were a lot of very unsafe areas to climb up on a ladder to clean out. She also had a hard to get to spaces, making her gutter cleaning job longer and more stressful. But, with LeafGuard® Gutters, Kylee can start working on completing her other exterior home maintenance tasks that she has waiting to be done. She has a whole new curb appeal, her home is safeguarded with the best gutter system, and she will never have to worry about maintaining her gutters again.

What makes LeafGuard® a top choice among West Des Moines, Iowa homeowners is the maintenance-free aspect. This system truly allows homeowners to say goodbye to climbing ladders. With a built-in cover, this gutter system will deflect the leaves and debris while effectively channeling the water. To learn more about how this system could benefit your West Des Moines, Iowa home, contact us today!


close up view of new gutters in West des moines
LeafGuard® Gutters will outperform other systems on the market, ensuring reliable, clog-free operation.
Garage view of LeafGuard Gutters
LeafGuard® is a seamless aluminum gutter system that is roll-formed on-site to ensure a perfect fit for the dimensions of your home. This system is extremely durable, effective, and aesthetically pleasing.

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