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Nathan’s Knee Wall Insulation Project In Ankeny, Iowa

Poorly Insulated Knee Wall & Rim Joist

Nathan’s Ankeny, Iowa home was in dire need of insulation. After struggling for years with cold rooms and cold drafts, Nathan decided it was time to find a solution. He knew his insulation was lacking but wasn’t sure what route to take in fixing it. He could do it himself but with so many different types of insulation, he thought it would be smart to get a professional out to help. Nathan took to social media to do some research on insulation companies when he came across Home Solutions of Iowa. Scrolling through their Facebook page, he noticed they offered a Home Performance Evaluation. Nathan realized this evaluation might be helpful to get more insight into his under-insulated home.

Thermal imaging test in ankeny, iowa
A Heat Map Evaluation will show us where the heat is escaping your home.
knee wall insulation ankeny being installed
To fix the issue of air leakage in a Knee Wall space, we insulate with our Spray Foam Insulation making sure to Air Seal any cracks as well.

Knee Wall: Fully Insulated

As a busy homeowner, Nathan won’t have to worry about feeling cold drafts throughout his Ankeny, Iowa home. We went out to Nathan’s home to provide him with a Thermal Imaging test. This test identifies the problem areas of the home by detecting infrared radiation. The surfaces that appear red in the view are the warmest and blue is the opposite, cold. We insulated his Knee Wall space and the Rim Joist with Spray Foam Insulation providing a more comfortable home. The Knee Wall space can’t do much without being properly insulated. Not being properly insulated, the Knee Wall spaces result in lots of cold air coming in the winter. Spray Foam is the ideal solution to this as it offers higher R-Values for the wall, floor, and roof. The Rim Joists in Nathan’s home was a large source of energy loss as the Fiberglass insulation was damp from condensation issues. We resolved this issue with Spray Foaming the area. It is resistant to water, offers superior R-Value, and seals the air leaks- all in one application. Nathan can say goodbye to a cold home and hello to the perfect home comfort.

ankeny knee wall project
Spray foam combines air sealing while simultaneously insulating. Wherever it is applied, it will diminish air leaking from the home and help provide an air barrier. By installing spray foam, you can increase comfort, reduce noise from outside, lessen pollen, dust, and insects entering your home, and provide better humidity control.
rim joist insulation in ankeny
In a typical Iowa home, the rim joist area is a large source of energy loss. The best material for insulating the rim joist is spray foam because it is resistant to water, offers superior R-value, and seals the air leaks – all in one application.

Insulate Your Home Today

To stay comfortable all year long, invest in the proper insulation services. You can say goodbye to cold drafts, cold feet, and ice dams. We offer a free heat map evaluation that can identify what is causing problems so that the right solutions can be made to restore your home’s home comfort. Contact us today to get set up with a Home Performance Test!

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