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Mirzet’s Insulation Project In Urbandale, Iowa

Heat Escaping In Urbandale

Mirzet was tired of the cold drafts he felt throughout his home. He was annoyed with the constant struggle of keeping some rooms warmer while trying to keep some rooms cooler. Mirzet knew he probably needed to invest in more insulation but wasn’t sure if he should just throw more fiberglass insulation down in his attic or look to a specialist for help. Realizing he had a long winter ahead, he decided it was time to call an energy expert for help on what he could do to create a comfortable home space. Mirzet went to google to do some searching for various insulation companies when he came across Home Solutions of Iowa. Not only were they close to his neighborhood, but he was also interested to see the various insulation products they had and how it could help his home. Mirzet gave Home Solutions of Iowa a call to get set up with a Home Performance Test and have one of our energy experts come out.


attic fiberglass insulation urbandale
Fiberglass doesn’t provide the full R-Value needed for a home. Mizert needed multiple insulation products to get the comfortable home he was looking for.

Enjoying A Comfortable Home

Going out to Mizert’s Urbandale, Iowa home, we ran a Home Performance Test. This allowed us to identify where the temperatures were differencing, showing us where the heat was escaping. From there, we were able to provide Mizert with the perfect insulation solutions. First, we needed to remove all of the old insulation that was in the attic. It is best to start with a fully exposed attic so we can Air seal the nooks and cracks throughout the attic. Those little holes are one of the biggest causes of heat loss and Air Sealing is the solution needed to fix that. Next, we went in and blew in Cellulose Insulation all throughout the attic adding a nice blanket providing Mizert with the ideal R-Value. Cellulose Insulation is less of a fire hazard than fiberglass because it is blown in and fills more space. Mizert received the ultimate insulation service providing him with a cooler home in the summer and a warmer home in the winter.


air sealing urbandale iowa attic
When heat slips through joints, cracks, and other openings it forces your heating and cooling system to work harder. With Air Sealing the plumbing and wiring penetrations through floors, walls, and ceilings, the home is more comfortable and efficient.
cellulose attic urbandale final project
Cellulose Insulation is made from recycled materials that are ground into a fluffy, lightweight material with insulation value as high as R-4 per in. It is an eco-friendly option, has a class 1 fire safety rating, and is resistant to mold and insects.

Insulate Your Home Today

To learn more about Home Solutions of Iowa’s insulation services, contact us today. We will gladly come out to your home and provide you with a Home Performance Test and explain what insulation service is needed to create that comfortable space you are looking for.

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