Project Description

Miles LeafGuard® Gutter Project in Pleasantville, Iowa

Mosquitoes, Leaves & Standing Water

Miles and his wife are retired, but busy spending as much time as possible with their family in Pleasantville, IA. They take pride in the upkeep of their ranch-style home but keeping up with gutter maintenance started to become too much. Miles gutters often fell victim to mosquitoes, leaves, and sitting water. He decided enough was enough and called us at Home Solutions of Iowa for a permanent solution.


before gutters installed on pleasantville
Miles gutters clogged often on his Pleasantville, IA home. He was tired of worrying about the long term damage that could be caused by the overshooting rainwater, and how it was negatively affecting the overall appearance of his home.

Another Home Safeguarded In Pleasantville

300 feet of LeafGuard® gutters were installed on Miles Pleasantville, IA home in 2017 and he hasn’t climbed a ladder since! He stopped by our booth at the Iowa State Fair last week and couldn’t wait to tell us how they have been performing, “It is amazing how well the gutters work, we have no mosquitoes, no maple tree leaves, and no sitting water in our LeafGuard® gutters.”


backyard view of pleasantville leafguard gutters
LeafGuard® gutter’s seamless design keeps rainwater flowing freely and safely away from Miles Pleasantville, IA home.
pleasantville leafguard gutters
Miles and his wife take pride in their Pleasantville, IA home. They now have peace of mind of knowing that they chose the best gutter system on the market.

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