Project Description

Mark’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project In Mitchellville, Iowa

Overhanging Trees = Gutter Issues

Mark’s Mitchellville, Iowa home is surrounded by many large trees. Those trees create a nice scenery but also can be a lot of pain to Mark as a homeowner. While it is nice to have them for a great curb appeal, Mark has to take more time to clean out his open style gutters. He was tired of the annoyance of constantly dealing with gutters filled with leaves and debris. Mark was looking for a lifetime solution so he could still enjoy the beautiful trees around his Mitchellville, Iowa home but also not have to stress about his gutters not working correctly.


Mark’s gutters were in serious need of an update.
Overhanging trees with open style gutters can tend to become clogged with leaves and debris. When open style gutters become clogged, they can cause further issues to your foundation, siding, and landscaping.

Easy Choice: LeafGuard® Gutters

Mark knew he needed some sort of gutter system that would block the leaves and debris from getting caught in his gutters. Open style gutters were a no go because there was no sort of blockage. He wasn’t sure if adding a gutter cover work well enough so he turned to Home Solutions of Iowa to see what this one-piece system; LeafGuard® Gutters could do for his home. After going out to his Mitchellville, Iowa home to provide him with a free estimate; Mark was sold on the benefits of LeafGuard® Gutters. His home is now free forever of clogged gutters thanks to the seamless aluminum gutter system that features a curved cover part of the gutter itself. Mark is living a stress-free, clogged free, and maintenance-free lifestyle thanks to LeafGuard® Gutters.


LeafGuard® Gutters gives Mark’s home a new sleek style look to it.
Mark can enjoy his beautiful scenery that his trees give without worrying about cleaning out his gutters.

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While there are many companies that tout similar gutter protection products, they cannot compare to LeafGuard® Gutters. We are your only authorized source for LeafGuard® in Iowa. Call us today to live a maintenance-free life like Mark and get a free estimate for the best gutter system on the market.

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