Project Description

Mari’s Blown-In Insulation Project In Clive, Iowa

Underinsulated Clive, Iowa Townhome

Mari resides in a quaint townhome located in Clive, Iowa. She loves living in a city where she gets to truly experience all four seasons. While the winter season allows Mari to experience a beautiful snowfall, the cold weather can also bring an uncomfortable home. Walking around her townhome, Mari started to notice a drastic change in temperature in some of her rooms. Unsure of why she was experiencing this, Mari looked to Google to find a local insulation contractor.

Clive, Iowa bare attic insulation projectcellulose insulation attic clive iowa

From Uncomfortable To Comfortable Home In One Day

With proper insulation installed by an experienced contractor, Mari can enjoy the winter season comfortably. Our Home Comfort Expert went out to Mari’s Clive, Iowa home to provide her with a Heat Map Evaluation Test. This test can show firsthand where heat is escaping. Talking the heat loss problem over with Mari, we explained to get the full home comfort would include starting with a bare attic floor. From there, we would Air Seal the nooks and cracks to eliminate any sort of air leakage. The last step in Mari’s insulation project was blowing in a nice blanket of insulation. Our insulation reaches the maximum R-Value an Iowa home needs to get the full insulation solution. Mari can fully enjoy all four seasons without her home being too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer.

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