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Marc’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project in West Des Moines, Iowa

Pooling Water in West Des Moines

Marc and his wife reside in a newly built, 2-year-old ranch style home in West Des Moines, Iowa. They called us with concern about their current gutter system when Marc noticed pooling water around his foundation. He was surprised and worried that he was having to deal with gutter issues on such a new build and wanted to prevent and protect his new investment. After speaking with him about his concerns, we sent one of our home solution experts out to his home for a free inspection.

During the inspection, we found that the standard 4-inch contractor-grade gutters and downspouts were too small for the size of his roof. When downpours occurred, and Iowa experienced a hand full this summer, the gutters were unable to handle the amount of rain coming off of the roof causing an overflow.


up close view of before leafguard gutters
The contractor grade gutters and downspouts installed on Marc’s West Des Moines, Iowa home were too small to handle the amount of rainwater coming off of the roof causing an overflow.

Marc’s Iowa Home Solved

We knew that LeafGuard® Gutters were the perfect solution for Marc’s West Des Moines, IA home. The LeafGuard® Gutter system is built with a large gutter bottom and extra-large 3”x4” downspouts that can handle the heaviest rainfalls; backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal, LeafGuard® Brand Gutters are able to handle 32 inches of rain per hour – over three times the record rainfall ever recorded by the U.S. Weather Bureau.


curbside view of west des moines leafguard home
LeafGuard® gutters will keep water flowing freely and safely away from Marc’s West Des Moines, Iowa home.
backside of west des moines home
Marc and his wife can say goodbye to gutter maintenance forever with LeafGuard® Brand Gutters.

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Not only does LeafGuard® solve his overflow issue, but with the falling leaves, Marc will never have to worry about climbing a ladder to clean out his gutters again. LeafGuard® is the only one-piece gutter system, with a built-in hood that covers the gutter bottom and deflects leaves and other debris. This unique, seamless design keeps debris from collecting in the gutters which: prevents clogs from forming, keeps water flowing freely, eliminates leaks and the threat of water damage, and makes climbing ladders to clean gutters unnecessary.

LeafGuard® gutters eliminate the problems homeowners worry about. With LeafGuard® by Home Solutions of Iowa, you can Get It and Forget It! For your free LeafGuard® gutter estimate contact Home Solutions of Iowa today at 515-999-2896.

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