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Lisa’s Insulation Project In Waukee, Iowa

Lack Of Heat In Waukee, Iowa

Lisa works long hours as a nurse. When she comes home to her place in Waukee, Iowa, she is looking forward to cozying up with a nice blanket and movie. But instead, Lisa has been noticing cold drafts throughout different rooms. These cold drafts make her time at home unbearable. Constantly turning up the heat, Lisa is paying more for her energy bill. With how cold the temperatures dropped last winter, Lisa knew she needed to find some sort of solution to provide her with an absolute comfortable home to get through the brutally cold winter.

Fiberglass insulation waukee, iowa attic
The insulation in Lisa’s attic was an example of why her home was feeling very cold in the winter.
Air Sealing in Waukee, Iowa home
The first step in providing the ultimate insulation solution is air sealing the leaks and cracks that heat can escape from.

Home Comfort = Solved

The first task we wanted to complete going out to Lisa’s home was a free heat map evaluation. The heat map evaluation gives us the perfect idea of where heat is escaping from the home. From there, we could provide Lisa with the best insulation services to provide her with a more comfortable and energy-efficient home. Starting with removing the old insulation so we can get a clear look at the attic. We then went in and Air Sealed the areas where heat could leak out. There is a variety of areas where we air seal including attic access hatches, gaps around windows, rim joist, and electrical outlets and switches.

From there, we blew in Cellulose Insulation providing a nice blanket of comfort. Cellulose Insulation is made completely of recycled and environmentally safe materials. It fills in easily around beams, pipes, wires, and other unique shapes and objects. Lisa can enjoy her comfortable Waukee, Iowa home now that she has the best insulation services in her attic.


Spray Foam attic in Waukee, Iowa
Spray Foam Insulation was the next step in providing Lisa with the ultimate insulation solution. Spray Foam Insulation outperforms any other type of insulation.
attic insulation in Waukee, Iowa home
The last step is Cellulose Insulation. Cellulose insulation provides a higher R-Value than other insulations.

Your Cellulose Insulation Contractor

Are you experiencing cold rooms and floors in your Waukee, Iowa home? Well, your home can be lacking proper insulation. Contact us today to get set up with a free heat map evaluation!

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