Project Description

Ling’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project In Des Moines, Iowa

Wooded Area = Gutters Needed

Ling’s Des Moines, Iowa home was surrounded by overhanging trees. While it created a nice aesthetic to her home’s curb appeal, it was a huge pain when it came to gutter maintenance. Climbing up a ladder was not something Ling wanted to constantly have to do so she was in search of some sort of gutter covers. Ling heard from her neighbors that Home Solutions of Iowa provided an amazing and maintenance-free gutter system. With so many overwhelming choices of different gutter systems, she decided to call Home Solutions of Iowa to see what LeafGuard® Gutters could do for her home.


Ling was in search of a gutter system that would channel the water correctly.
Without gutters on Ling’s home, she was risking damage to her siding, foundation, and landscape.

Saying Goodbye To Gutter Maintenance Forever

We went out to Ling’s home to explain how LeafGuard® would be a great benefit to her home. With the trees overhanging her gutters in the back, the leaves and debris would pile up in her gutters making it almost a weekly task in cleaning them out. But with LeafGuard®, Ling wouldn’t even have to check to see if leaves were piling up as it is a one-piece system that channels the water while keeping out debris. We installed LeafGuard® Gutters on the front and back of her home. She can officially put the ladder away for good and go back to being stress-free about searching for gutter maintenance. Ling’s Des Moines home is now safeguarded thanks to LeafGuard®.


LeafGuard® effectively channels water away from the home, prevents debris from building up and clogging your gutters, eliminates the possibility of gutters leaking and causing costly water damage, and does not require cleaning or other maintenance.
With LeafGuard®, Ling won’t have to worry about cleaning out her gutters, finding gutter maintenance, or worried about damages being done to her home.

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