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Ed’s LeafGuard®, Soffit & Fascia Project in Ames, IA

Costly Roof Repairs & Faulty Gutters in Ames

In Ames, Ed and his family were in need of a well-balanced soffit ventilation system along with gutter protection. The soffit was outdated causing poor ventilation, which leads to moisture buildup. Eventually, this could lead to their rafters developing mold. This neighborhood has well-established trees and with his open-style gutters, it’s a common task to clean out leaves and debris. With Ed and his wife working 8-5 jobs, cleaning the gutters always fell to the bottom of their weekend home maintenance list. That’s when they called us for a solution.

soffit and fascia close up in ames
The forecast is unpredictable in Iowa. No matter what our upgraded soffit, fascia, and LeafGuard® will help protect Ed’s home from the weather elements.
On this home in Ames, the soffit + fascia was wrapped. We protected the home, plus enhanced its longevity.

Maintenance-Free For Life

Ed and his family are now living with a fully wrapped soffit, fascia, and over 150 feet of seamless, maintenance-free, white LeafGuard® Gutters. Our patented gutters’ design heightens the beauty of this home in Ames and directs the rainwater away from their home – every time it rains.

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