Project Description

Beverly’s LeafGuard® Project in Earlham, Iowa

Eliminate the Task

Beverly is a single homeowner in Earlham, IA. In mid-July, she had surgery and can no longer physically handle the task of cleaning gutters. Purchasing LeafGuard® meant she could cross gutter cleaning off of her list and eliminate the added expense of hiring someone to clean them out multiple times a year. Her overlying issue was leaves becoming lodged in the gutters from the trees surrounding her home.

side view of leafguard gutters in earlham
LeafGuard® gutters eliminate the problems homeowners worry about. That’s why Beverly went with us at Home Solutions of Iowa for her Iowa home to get the best gutter system on the market today, LeafGuard®.

200 Feet of Safeguard

Beverly’s home is now safeguarded with over 200 feet of tan LeafGuard® and she will never have to worry about the maintenance of her gutters again. Home Solutions of Iowa was happy to be apart of Beverly’s home solution.

backyard view of leafguard gutters in earlham
LeafGuard® will now protect Beverly’s Earlham, IA landscape and patio from the rain.
curbside view of leafguard gutters
LeafGuard® will eliminate Beverly’s worry about gutter clogs; the danger water leaks and overflows can cause; or climbing ladders to clean gutters out on her Earlham, IA home.

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