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Leaf-Free Gutters This Fall

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Do you find yourself spending your fall season climbing a ladder on your 2-story home to clean leaves out of your gutters? Cristina found herself amidst this cycle every fall. Instead of sticking it out another year, she decided it was time to find a solution to these problems. Her beautiful West Des Moines home needed a system that could withstand Iowa weather and avoid clogging when the leaves began to fall. Come along on Cristina’s journey to leaf-free gutters and a maintenance-free lifestyle.

  • Leaf-Free Gutters
  • Leaf-Free Gutters
  • Leaf-Free Gutters

Clogged Gutters: Not only were Cristina’s gutters underperforming due to clogged debris and leaves, but her gutter system was beginning to fall off the side of her home. She was in need of a product that is built to last and stop clogs for good.

The Problem

Cristina’s gutter system was not performing properly due to piled-up leaves and debris. Additionally, the leaves were weighing down the gutters and falling off the side of her home. To best suit her needs, she found HSI while looking for local gutter contractors. Our trained salesmen provided a comprehensive property assessment in order to recommend the best solution for her home.

The Product

For guaranteed leaf-free gutters, we recommended LeafGuard® for Cristina’s home. This seamless one-piece system has a built-in curved hood that lets water flow through easily while keeping leaves and debris out. Compared to other products, LeafGuard® ensures clean gutters, protects your home, and requires zero maintenance.

The Installation

Over 260 feet of LeafGuard® was installed on Cristina’s West Des Moines residence. Each system is unique and custom-fit to every home, providing the best performance and appearance. Our professional installers informed Cristina about the process and walked her through the completed job after installation.

  • Leaf-Free Gutters
  • LeafGuard Transformation
  • LeafGuard

Goodbye Clogged Gutters: Now that Cristina has leaf-free gutters, she no longer has to worry about climbing a ladder or hiring gutter cleaners for her 2-story home. LeafGuard® is the perfect solution for dirty, underperforming gutters.

Leaf-Free Gutter Solution!

For over 20 years, we have provided Iowa homeowners with leaf-free gutters – LeafGuard®. Don’t let falling leaves stop you from living your everyday life. Your home can stay protected all year long with a system that is built to last.

If you continuously struggle with clogged gutters during the fall months, give us a call or fill out the form below and we will provide you with an in-home estimate, ON US!

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