Project Description

Kyle’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project in Montezuma, Iowa

Hillside Home in Montezuma

Kyle recently purchased a home in Montezuma and discovered the gutters were in very poor shape. This home was built partially embedded into a hillside, placing these open style gutters in close proximity to the ground. Small critters were able to make homes, leaves and other small debris aided in creating clogs. Kyle needed a gutter that would prevent these things from happening.


montezuma backyard leafguard gutters
Due to the gutter’s close proximity to the ground, it makes it easy for small critters, leaves, and debris to clog the gutter system making gutter maintenance a must.
storm damage to gutter in montezuma
Rotted fascia board caused by a leaking gutter system.

Custom, Reliable Gutter System

Over 300 feet of custom LeafGuard® Brand Gutters were placed on this Montezuma home, safeguarding it from future water damage due to debris and small creatures clogging the gutters. Call Home Solutions of Iowa at 515-999-2896 today for your FREE LeafGuard® Gutter estimate.


leafguard install in montezuma iowa
LeafGuard® does not require cleaning or other maintenance.

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