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Kevin’s Air Sealing Project in Des Moines, Iowa

Home Performance Evaluation Wanted in Des Moines, Iowa

With how brutal Iowa winters can get, Kevin was focusing on how he can keep his Des Moines, Iowa home warm. Instead of constantly turning up the heat and spending too much money on his electric bill, Kevin wanted to find a life long solution. He reached out to us about a new gutter system and realized that we could help fix his issue about his heat loss problem too. It was an easy decision for a two in one solution. We went out to Kevin’s home to first assess his issue with a Heat Map Analysis Test.

Taking the first step in providing Kevin with a solution was doing a Home Comfort Evaluation. We inspected and explained to Kevin where heat was escaping from his home. Being able to show Kevin the Heat Map Analysis Test is great because as a homeowner it is nice to have a visual of exactly where the issues are in the home.

heat map evaluation test close up
A Heat Map Evaluation is where we use a thermal imaging camera to see the problem areas of your home. It collects infrared radiation from objects in the scene and creates an electronic image based on the information about the temperature differences. The surfaces that appear blue in the view is the coldest.
Soffit Baffles are installed to increase the ventilation in the attic. Installing Soffit Baffles lets us install more of the Cellulose Insulation in the attic matching the R-Value Kevin’s Des Moines, Iowa home needs.

The Ultimate Solution: Ventilation + Air Sealing + Cellulose Insulation

Before laying down any new insulation, we sucked up all of the old insulation that was laid down. Starting from scratch with insulation lets us see where the gaps are in the attic as well it provides the home with the perfect amount of insulation. After removing the old insulation, we air sealed the holes around Kevin’s attic. Air Sealing eliminates the leaks making your home more comfortable and efficient. After Air Sealing, we laid down Cellulose Insulation. Cellulose Insulation is made of recycled and environmentally safe materials making it safer for Kevin and his family. It is a denser and more effective layer than fiberglass.

rigid foam, air seal insulation in attic
Air leakage happens throughout the home as the air you pay to condition slips through cracks, joints, and other openings. Air leaks are very common in the midwest, in some cases, the energy loss is the equivalent of having your window cracked open in the winter. We air-sealed every joint where walls or floors meet, every screw and nail hole, and every plumbing/electrical intakes. We even installed some rigid foam to create a thermal barrier to the home’s expanded livable space on the upper level.
Cellulose Insulation is installed in the home by being blown into the area that needs insulation. Before blowing in Cellulose, we highly recommend Air Sealing the open gaps first.

Enjoy The Comfort Of Your Home

Kevin’s Des Moines, Iowa home is now protected from any sort of heat escaping. From the Home Performance test to Air Sealing and laying down Cellulose Insulation, we fully protected Kevin’s home. Feeling drafts in your Central Iowa home? Call your local community contractor at 515-999-2896 for your own personalized Home Performance Test!

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