Project Description

Ken’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project In Grimes, Iowa

Old Gutters Out, New Gutters Wanted

Ken and his wife were looking for new gutters to provide a nice aesthetic look to their Grimes, Iowa. They wanted to update the exterior part of their home and knew having nice looking gutters would give them the curb appeal they were looking for. What Ken and his wife didn’t know was how many issues their existing gutters had. They were filled with leaves and debris that was causing issues to their foundation, siding, and landscape. Instead of getting regular open style gutters, Ken and his wife decided to invest in a gutter system that would protect their home forever. They reached out to us at Home Solutions of Iowa for help on how LeafGuard® Gutters would benefit their home but also give them that aesthetic look they were wanting.

Ken and his wife’s Grimes, Iowa home has a lot of surrounding trees which caused leaves and debris to get stuck in their gutters. LeafGuard® Gutters was the best system to handle the number of leaves that fell from their trees.
LeafGuard® features a curved cover that is part of the gutter itself- not a separate piece that is added after the fact.

New Gutters, New Aesthetics

We installed 560 ft. of LeafGuard® Gutters all around Ken and his wife’s Grimes, Iowa home. LeafGuard® Gutters is a seamless aluminum gutter system that effectively channels water away from the home, prevents debris from building up and clogging the gutters, and eliminates the possibility of the gutters leaking or causing costly water damage. Ken and his wife’s home is fully secured. They won’t have to worry about damage being done to their home further down the road. LeafGuard® Gutters are extremely durable, effective, and aesthetically pleasing which what Ken and his wife were exactly searching for.

Ken and his wife will never have to worry about their gutters fading or needing to be replaced while they own their home. With the ScratchGuard® paint finish, their gutters will never lose that aesthetic look they were looking for.
Ken and his wife’s Grimes, Iowa home has a newer curb appeal to it with LeafGuard® installed.

Enhance Your Curb Appeal Today

Interested in getting a gutter system that will provide your Iowa home with an aesthetic look? Get LeafGuard® Gutters installed today! We are your only authorized source for LeafGuard® Gutters! Enhance your curb appeal today and call us for a free estimate!

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