Project Description

Katie’s LeafGuard® Gutter & Roofing Project In Des Moines, Iowa

New Home, New Gutters

Katie just moved to a quaint home in Des Moines, Iowa. With the overhanging trees, beautiful fence in the front, and the nice patio; this was the perfect spot for her to call home. One of the first things Katie noticed was her dingy gutters and broken roof needed some major TLC. With the older trees surrounding her home, she knew to get some sort of a new gutter system was important to install right away. Katie was walking around the HBA home show looking at what companies offered gutter and roofing systems. She came across the Home Solutions of Iowa booth and asked what LeafGuard® Gutters and our GAF Roofing System could do for her quaint Des Moines, Iowa home.


Katie’s gutters were starting to pull away from her Des Moines, Iowa home allowing leaves and debris to get caught up in them.
Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home. It is important to inspect it yearly to make sure there are no damages done to it from the changing weather Iowa faces.

Enhancing Katie’s Curb Appeal

We explained to Katie that getting a new roof and gutters at the same time would be the best option to keep her home safeguarded in the long run. LeafGuard® Gutters are a one-piece gutter system designed with built-in gutter protection. With a curved cover that is part of the gutter itself, Katie won’t ever have to worry about leaves or debris getting stuck in the gutters. We installed LeafGuard® all around her house and garage. Katie also explained to us that she was interested in a new roof. We installed our GAF® Timberline shingles. These shingles form perfect right angles and straight lines, a must-have. Our roofing system stands up to harsh weather conditions, enhance durability, and create the perfect aesthetic look. With a new roof and gutters, Katie’s home became the best looking home on the block. Not only will she not have to worry about leaves and debris getting caught in her gutters but she can live the peace of mind with knowing she won’t have to replace her gutters or roof for as long as she owns her home.


GAF Asphalt Shingles are widely renowned for crafting roofing systems that can stand up to the harsh weather conditions often seen throughout Iowa.
LeafGuard® Gutter is an everlasting solution. They are the one and only one-piece gutter system with a built-in hood that covers the gutter bottom and deflects leaves and other debris.

Upgrade Your Des Moines Home Today

To learn more about what makes Home Solutions of Iowa gutter and roofing system so great; contact us today to schedule a free estimate! LeafGuard® Gutters and a GAF® Roof are the perfect options that will make your Des Moines, Iowa home last for many years to come.

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