Project Description

Kathy’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project in Des Moines, Iowa

Historic Des Moines Home, Classic Gutter Upgrade

Des Moines, IA is where Kathy resides in her beautiful brick home. Her current half-round gutter system was originally purchased because of the simplicity and aesthetic look it added to her home. Little did she know her investment wouldn’t last long. Half-round gutters last a few years at a time, longer if they are maintained well and were installed properly. With this open style, they are in need of frequent cleaning and Kathy just doesn’t have the time for that anymore.


open style gutter before des moines
Half-round gutters are more shallow and struggle to handle large amounts of rainfall.

With LeafGuard®, Style & Function are One in the Same

Kathy barely gave gutters a second thought until they were clogged and overflowing. She realized quickly that it was time for them to be replaced. Home Solutions of Iowa had an easy solution for Kathy. Our LeafGuard® Brand Gutters are maintenance-free and clog-free and if anything was to impede water flow in the gutter, we clean them for free; when she heard this, she knew it was the best choice for her and her Des Moines, IA home.


curbside front des moines before leafguard installed
Kathy’s LeafGuard® gutters fit in perfectly with the look of her home. It is not bulky looking. Its sleek design enhances the beauty of her Des Moines, IA home.
side of leafguard installed in des moines
As a homeowner, Kathy takes pride in her Des Moines home. She now has peace of mind of knowing that she chose the best gutter protection system available.
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