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Kate’s Rim Joist Project in Waukee, Iowa

Cold Floors In Waukee

Kate was constantly traveling during the winter months but now being newly retired she is taking some time to be at home more. She never noticed anything with cold drafts or floors but now being home more she realized her bathroom floor was colder than other floors in her home. Kate was in need of a solution to having super cold floors in her home.

Little cracks or openings in Kate’s house were the areas where heat was escaping.
We put Rigid Foam insulation panels all around Kate’s basement to provide a thick layer of insulation that includes a radiant barrier.

Solution: Rim Joist

We went out to Kate’s home and inspected the cold floors among her home. Taking a look in her basement, we noticed her Rim Joist wasn’t fully insulated. Air was leaking in from the openings around the Rim Joist. To give Kate’s home the perfect warmth, we used Spray Foam Insulation for the Rim Joists in her basement. We added Rigid Foam which is another foam insulation to the walls of her basement. Rigid Foam has a reflective coating that acts as an effective radiant barrier. Kate’s Waukee, Iowa home is now fully insulated and will provide her the perfect comfort all year round.

With Air Sealing and Rigid Foam Insulation, Kate’s home is fully insulated. The Air sealing eliminates energy-wasting leaks and the Rigid Foam Insulation has a radiant barrier to reflect summer heat out and winter heat back in.
Many Midwest basements tend to be naturally damp and have condensation issues. Without having the proper insulation, Kate’s home was losing its R-Value allowing air to leak through the openings.

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