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Jon’s Attic Insulation Project In West Des Moines, Iowa

Under-Insulated Attic

After spending a whole winter in his West Des Moines, Iowa home, Jon realized he was feeling cold drafts and cold rooms. He didn’t know if his home was under-insulated or if there was some other sort of issue he was not able to detect. Jon headed to Google to do some research on how cold drafts can affect his West Des Moines, Iowa home. Reading various articles on common issues of cold drafts and cold rooms, he realized he was experiencing all causes of an under-insulated attic. Jon wanted to get this problem solved ASAP as he realized he was losing money due to air leaking out. Jon had LeafGuard® installed on his home awhile ago and was thrilled to be able to reach out to a company he worked with in the past. He gave Home Solutions of Iowa a call to have an energy expert come out to provide him with a free Home Performance Test.

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Comfortable Home = Happy Homeowners

To provide the full attic insulation, we like to run a Home Performance Test in the beginning. The Home Performance Test identifies the areas where heat is escaping the home and gives us the perfect image of what insulation services are needed for the home. Jon’s cold rooms and cold drafts were prime examples of his attic not being fully insulated. What Jon needed was to Air Seal all the nooks and cracks within his attic and go over with a nice layer of blown-in Cellulose Insulation. Reducing the amount of air that leaks in and out of Jon’s home are not only a cost-effective way to cut heating and cooling cost but it will also provide them a more comfortable and healthier indoor environment. We went into the attic and Air Sealed all areas where heat could potentially be leaking. We Air Sealed the attic access hatches, cracks, gaps & holes in the drywall, and around the ceiling. After Air Sealing, we blew in a nice blanket of Cellulose Insulation, giving Jon the perfect R-Value to keep his West Des Moines, Iowa home comfortable.

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  • Cellulose insulation in west des moines attic

Find Your Perfect Solution For Comfort

Here at Home Solutions of Iowa, we want to provide you with the ideal home comfort. We have the insulation services to give your attic an insulation upgrade. We will gladly come out to your West Des Moines home and run our Home Performance Test, identifying the areas where heat is escaping, and insulate the areas providing you with the perfect solution for home comfort. Contact us today to get set up with a free Home Performance Test!

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