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John’s Soffit & Fascia Project In Waterloo, Iowa

Upgrading The Exterior Of Waterloo, Iowa Home

John was looking to upgrade the gutters on his Waterloo, Iowa home. Filled with leaves and debris, the gutters were not properly working. This was causing a lot of stress on him as a homeowner. Not only did his gutters need to be replaced but his soffit wasn’t in the best condition either. John looked to us for help with a solution to his issue. We came out to his Waterloo, Iowa home to provide him with a free estimate on LeafGuard® Gutters and soffit installation.


leaves in open style gutters waterloo, iowa
John was unable to keep up with the constant falling of leaves and debris getting caught in his open-style gutters. He was in need of a company that could provide him with maintenance-free gutters and new soffit.


Leafguard gutters focused on soffit and fascia board in Waterloo, Iowa
The newly installed soffit on John’s Waterloo, Iowa home gives him an enhanced curb appeal.
soffit and fascia in Waterloo, Iowa
LeafGuard® Gutters provides a maintenance-free solution allowing John to put the ladder away forever.

The Best Soffit Installation: Waterloo, Iowa

We provided John with 199 ft. of Aluminum Clay LeafGuard® Gutters. This provided him with a maintenance-free solution. In addition to his gutter installation, we also provided John with a top-of-the-line vented aluminum soffit. Soffit is the exposed siding underneath the roof’s overhang. It plays an important role in improving energy efficiency and is great for proper attic ventilation. Soffit tends to be the same color as the home’s gutters enhancing the home’s curb appeal even more. John can now enjoy being a homeowner without having to worry about exterior maintenance causing him stress.

Are you interested to see how LeafGuard® Gutters and soffit installation can benefit your Waterloo, Iowa home? Contact us today to get set up with a free estimate!

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