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John’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project In Clive, Iowa

Gutter Annoyance In Clive, Iowa

John was ready to say goodbye to his existing open style gutters and invest in an actual gutter system. His Clive, Iowa home had a beautiful tree in his front yard that provided shade and a nice curb appeal but it was causing annoyances with leaves and debris getting clogged in them. John was talking to his neighbor about how he wanted to get a gutter system that would keep leaves and debris out. His neighbor mentioned how they had LeafGuard® Gutters by Home Solutions of Iowa installed a few years back and he couldn’t stop raving about how great they were for their home so John decided to have a salesman come out to his Clive, Iowa home to explain how LeafGuard® would be beneficial for him.


before gutter project in clive iowa
John’s gutters were on a downhill spiral of breaking. He knew he needed to get some sort of gutters but didn’t want to have open style gutters installed again. He turned to his friends for help on what gutter system to invest with.


LeafGuard® Gutters Clive Iowa
There are numerous benefits to LeafGuard<sup>®</sup> including preventing debris from building up, eliminating the possibility of gutters leaking, and effectively channels the water away from the home.
after leafguard install clive iowa
With LeafGuard® Gutters installed, John has a whole new curb appeal.

Living The Best Life Thanks To LeafGuard®

John was so impressed with how LeafGuard® Gutters would benefit his Clive, Iowa home. What makes LeafGuard® stand out among other gutter systems is that it is a one-piece system, has exclusive warranties, and provides a maintenance-free lifestyle forever. He was so happy knowing all the leaves and debris that falls from his front yard tree would not end up stuck in his gutters. We installed 318 ft. of gutters all around his home. John was living his best life thanks to LeafGuard® safeguarding his Clive, Iowa home.

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