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Jerry’s Attic Ventilation Project In West Des Moines, Iowa

Poor Attic Ventilation In West Des Moines, Iowa

Jerry started to have a concern with his attic ventilation insulation after noticing cold and drafty rooms. Unable to keep his home warm, Jerry started doing research on various insulation solutions but became flustered when he learned there are many aspects to receiving a properly insulated home. Realizing he couldn’t fix his home’s insulation on his own, he went to Google to find a local but reliable insulation contractor. Jerry came across Home Solutions of Iowa and looked into their home comfort plan.


poor attic ventilation, bugs, insulation
The wet condensation in Jerry’s West Des Moines, Iowa home was causing bugs to nest in his attic.
fiberglass insulation West Des Moines, Iowa attic
With cold winters in Iowa, laying down multiple fiberglass insulation does not provide the full home comfort.

Attic Ventilation: Key To A Comfortable Home

Going out to Jerry’s West Des Moines, Iowa home, we noticed a good amount of issues with his attic ventilation. His attic had a lot of moisture resulting in wet ceilings and high condensation. The air was unable to properly flow through Jerry’s home which was causing his cold rooms. We ran our Heat Map Evaluation Test to identify where exactly the leaks were coming from. From there, we were able to provide Jerry with the ultimate attic ventilation home comfort solution.

Our home comfort plan includes removing all of the old insulation to start with an empty attic floor. Then, we go in and Air Seal the leaks and cracks that are often exposed from wires. After Air Sealing, we blow in a nice blanket of insulation. This insulation results in a higher R-Value, providing the full comfort Jerry was seeking out. Jerry’s attic ventilation is in perfect shape. He won’t have to worry about high moisture or wet ceilings anymore.


cellulose insulation in West Des Moines, Iowa attic
Jerry’s West Des Moines, Iowa home is fully insulated with top-of-line insulation products from Home Solutions of Iowa.

Attic Ventilation By HSI

To learn more about how your attic ventilation may be lacking, contact us today to get set up with a free home performance test. We will come out and identify where heat is escaping from your home.

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