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Jennifer’s Insulation Job In Urbandale, Iowa

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We met Jennifer a few years back when we installed LeafGuard® Brand Gutters onto her Urbandale, Iowa home. With the cold weather and snow, she noticed some cold drafts throughout her home. She also noticed the snow was only melting in one spot on her roof and it raised some concern as a homeowner. Jennifer reached out to us to take a look to see how we could provide her with a warmer home.

Before laying down insulation, we measure to see how much insulation needs to be laid down. We insulate based on an R-Value. Each home has a different R-Value based on many different scenarios.
cellulose insulation in urbandale attic
What is unique about Cellulose Insulation is that it is made from old newspapers and other waster paper that would be dumped in landfills. It has a Class 1 fire safety rating and is resistant to mold and insects.

Assessing Jennifer’s Home

We went out to Jennifer’s Urbandale, Iowa home to assess the problem with cold drafts within her home. To get the full effect of where the heat loss was occurring, we ran a Heat Map Analysis of the home. A Heat Map Analysis gives the homeowner the visual and a better understanding of where exactly in the room the heat is escaping. After explaining to Jennifer what exactly needed to be done to fix the heat loss in her home, we started the process.

Every joint where a screw, nail hole, plumbing, electrical, and even HVAC installation has created a gap that allows air to exit or enter the home.
air sealing in urbandale
By air sealing the attic then completely insulating the attic, we eliminate the drafts and air leakage that waste your money and make rooms in your home uncomfortable.

Air Sealing & Cellulose Insulation In Urbandale, IA

Before adding any new insulation, we removed the insulation that was already installed. Removing the old insulation lets us see where cracks need to be filled to get the full coverage. We went around the attic and Air Sealed open cracks. The biggest areas we Air Seal are bathroom vents, can light covers, and any open holes for wires that may have been installed in the home. After Air Sealing, we blew in Cellulose Insulation all around Jennifer’s attic. Cellulose forms a much denser and more effective insulation layer than fiberglass. It is treated with a non-toxic borate solution giving it a Class 1 Fire Safety Rating. With removing old insulation, Air Sealing the gaps, and laying down the Cellulose Insulation; Jennifer’s Urbandale home is fully secured with no extra heat escaping the home.

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