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Jay’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project In Des Moines, Iowa

Retired Life=No Gutter Maintenance

Jay’s gutters were ready for an upgrade. After years of severe storms, his gutters were not working as properly as they should have. Being newly retired, Jay was planning on spending more time with his family and friends. Worrying about the exterior part of his home was not one of those tasks he wanted to deal with. Jay started looking at different gutter cover options when he came across Home Solutions of Iowa on Google. Reading more into what type of gutter system Home Solutions of Iowa offered, he decided to reach out and have them come out for a free estimate.

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Worn-out gutters are close to having no gutters on a home. They can’t properly function like they are supposed to which causes damage to the home.

New Gutters, Less Stress

Going out to Jay’s house, we knew just from looking at his gutter system that he needed an upgrade. They were not big enough to properly channel the water and keep his Des Moines, Iowa home safeguarded from all the sorts of weather Iowa experiences. We explained that LeafGuard® featured bigger downspouts for the water to travel through as well as a built-in hood to channel leaves and debris out. With LeafGuard® Gutters being a one-piece system, Jay was sold on being able to get rid of his worn-out open style gutters and enjoy a fresh new gutter system. This will last him for as long as he owns his home without it fading or needing to be replaced. Not only does Jay get to enjoy retired life without stressing over exterior maintenance but he is also getting a newer curb appeal to his home. Jay’s Des Moines, Iowa home is now safeguarded thanks to LeafGuard® Gutters.

Before & After

With LeafGuard, Jay’s home will be safeguarded from any sort of leaks, debris or leaves getting stuck, and any damages to the home.

Get The Maintenance Free Life Today

Invest in a gutter system that is maintenance-free. Get LeafGuard® installed on your Iowa home and forget about gutter maintenance forever. Give us a call to set up a free estimate and we will gladly come out to your home to explain the great benefits of LeafGuard® Gutters!

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