Project Description

Jay’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project in Beaverdale, Iowa

Faulty Gutter Protection System in Beaverdale, IA

Jay is a single homeowner that resides in Beaverdale, IA, and is looking to sell his home in the next couple of months. Before selling he wants to increase curb appeal and eliminate possible water damage issues associated with leaking and clogged gutters. In an attempt to eliminate gutter maintenance, he had a topper installed over the existing gutters and was told that this would eliminate clogs. Unfortunately, the two-piece gutter system was not a solution. Tree buds from the surrounding maple tree were still able to travel into the gutter and cause issues. Due to the topper being installed in sections, there were spaces and gaps allowing this to happen.


beaverdale clogged gutters gutter cover
Maple tree buds were often found packed in the seam and clogging the gutters, impeding water flow causing rainwater to overshoot the gutters.
broken gutter covers on beaverdale iowa home
Toppers are attached in sections leaving gaps and room for leaves and debris to travel into the gutter.

An Efficient & Effective Solution

There are now over 200 feet of LeafGuard® Brand Gutters protecting Jay’s Beaverdale home from the threat of water damage, moister, debris backup, and much more. His home is now ready to be put on the market with clog-free, maintenance-free gutters.

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leafguard gutters on beaverdale iowa home
LeafGuard® Gutter’s one-piece design looks sleek on Jays’ Beaverdale, Iowa home, in addition, increases curb appeal along with the resale value.
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