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Brian’s Insulation Project In Urbandale, Iowa

New Insulation Project In Urbandale

Brian is a past customer of ours. A few years he had LeafGuard® Gutters and a GAF Asphalt Roof installed on his Urbandale, Iowa home. The next thing for his home was an insulation project. His exterior home was safeguarded with the best products but his interior home was struggling. Some rooms of his were warmer while others were very cold. Wanting to keep his energy bill low and the health of his home safe, he needed to find a solution for the upcoming winter season. He turned to a contractor he thoroughly trusted, Home Solutions of Iowa.

old worn out insulation

An Insulation Project Needing To Happen

Past customers have a special place in our hearts at HSI. We love to hear about how much they enjoy their products and how we can help them with their next project. Brian’s Urbandale, Iowa home was in dire need of proper insulation. We started with a Heat Map Evaluation. This evaluation allows us to look at every aspect of his home and see where heat is escaping. From there, we sat down with Brian to explain what insulation services were needed to give him absolute home comfort.

Air leakage happens throughout the home as the air you pay to condition slips through joints, cracks, and other openings. This process naturally forces the heating and cooling system to work harder and will make the home too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer. Air Sealing solves this issue.

Brian’s Home Secured

Starting with a blank slate, we Air Sealed the cracks and nooks in the attic that often come from wires. From there, we blew in Cellulose Insulation throughout the attic. Cellulose Insulation is the best choice homeowners could have for their attic. It fills in easily around unique shapes and objects filling in more space than traditional fiberglass insulation. Brian’s house has the right R-Value an Iowa home should have and comfortable home to enjoy through the bitterly cold winters.

R-Value insulation install in Urbandale Iowa
No matter what insulation product is installed, it will never stop working. Instead of reducing the amount of energy used, insulation actually saves energy from being wasted. Insulation is something that doesn’t require upkeep, needs a new product installed, or wears out every year.

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