Project Description

Revolutionizing a 1910 Cedar Rapids Home

The Remarkable Impact of LeafGuard® Gutters

Beth is retired and has spent most of her life in Cedar Rapids. With a passion for gardening, she loves her historic home that carries cherished memories of bygone days. However, over the years, Beth noticed an ongoing problem – her home’s gutters were failing to handle heavy rainfall, and keeping them clean became a tiresome chore each season.

Beth’s home, a 1910 structure with architectural charm, needed gutters that could handle the sometimes unpredictable Iowa weather. She had grown tired of climbing ladders to clean her clogged gutters and was becoming a safety concern. The home’s age also meant that any renovation had to be respectful of its historical significance, ensuring that the aesthetic integrity was preserved.

A picture of a 1910 Cedar Rapids home, before the Remarkable Impact of LeafGuard

Before the impact of LeafGuard® Gutters: Beth became increasingly aware of a persistent issue: her home’s gutters struggled to handle heavy rainfall, while the tedious task of keeping them clean added to her woes

The Solution

Enter HSI, the trusted home improvement company, that offers innovative LeafGuard® Gutters. Our expert team assessed Beth’s residence, understanding her needs. Identifying challenges with existing gutters, they proposed a seamless protection system. Not only would it solve her issues, but it would also enhance the historic home’s appearance.

The Installation

With Beth’s approval, the 260-foot-long custom LeafGuard® Gutter system was installed around the historic home. Our patented design prevents clogging and effectively channels rainwater away. The team integrated them seamlessly with the architecture, matching the color scheme for a low-profile design that maintains historic aesthetics and functionality.

The Results

Following the installation of LeafGuard® Gutters, Beth noticed an immediate improvement in her home’s water drainage. Even during the heaviest downpours, the gutters performed flawlessly, efficiently channeling water away from the foundation. This significantly reduced the risk of water damage and potential basement flooding.

Impact of LeafGuard® Gutter Protection: Beth now relishes her retirement pursuits with ample time, thanks to the invaluable peace of mind and hassle-free maintenance offered by LeafGuard® Gutters.

The Impact of LeafGuard® Gutters: Peace-of-Mind

The perfect solution to her gutter woes – the installation of 260 feet of LeafGuard® Gutters. Not only did these gutters address the challenges posed by heavy rainfall and debris accumulation, but they also preserved the historical charm of her 1910 home.

If you’re a homeowner facing similar gutter-related issues or seeking a maintenance-free solution, consider exploring the benefits of LeafGuard® Gutters. With this innovative product, you can protect your home while enjoying the beauty of seamless gutters without the need for regular cleaning and maintenance. Contact HSI to explore your options today!

If you’re a homeowner in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, facing similar gutter maintenance challenges, look no further than exploring seamless gutter protection solutions like LeafGuard®. Experience worry-free and low-maintenance home improvement with LeafGuard® Gutters, and take the first step towards a hassle-free solution. Call us today for a free project quote.

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