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Ann’s Spray Foam Insulation in Waukee, IA

Problem: Massive Icicles in Waukee, Iowa

Ann noticed massive icicles along her gutters on her Waukee, Iowa townhome raising concerns for her home’s insulation. She didn’t want any serious damage done to her home so she reached out to us here at Home Solutions of Iowa for help on this issue she was having.

Icicles Issue: Before & After Air Sealing

before air sealing heat lossAfter air sealing attic in waukee

Icicles Identification: Heat Loss in Attic

We went out to Ann’s home and did a Heat Map Analysis to show her where heat was escaping from her home. This gave Ann the perfect visual to where the heat loss was in her home. After the Heat Map Analysis, we got up in Ann’s attic to determine what insulation was needed and where the leaks were.

Icicles Issues Solution

cellulose insulation in waukee, iowa
To eliminate air leakage, we air seal in places like your plumbing and wiring penetrations through the walls and ceiling.
Spray foam insulation in waukee attic
Spray foam insulation outperforms other insulation in terms of resistance to mold and moisture damage, durability, air sealing, and versatility. Applying spray foam to her ductwork eliminates air duct leaks, letting conditioned air you just paid to heat or cool out of your home.

Icicles Solution= Home Comfort Plan

We air-sealed various parts of her attic to eliminate any leaking of heat. After air sealing the cracks and holes in her home, we used spray foam insulation to seals air ducts for maximized energy efficiency. To accompany the thick blanket of cellulose we installed rigid foam insulation in the attic joists. Our rigid foam insulation doesn’t absorb moisture or attract mold and provides an excellent thermal barrier to the cold winters and hot summers in Waukee, IA. Ann’s home is now fully insulated and won’t have to worry about any serious damage to her home from ice damming and has the most efficient home on the block.

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