Project Description

Greg’s Home Performance Test in Clive, Iowa

Heat Loss Calls For Home Performance Test

Greg and his wife started to notice cold drafts throughout their Clive, Iowa home. They were struggling with keeping their home warm and noticed they were constantly turning up their thermostats. Greg and his wife reached out to us at Home Solutions of Iowa to come out to their home and do a Home Performance Test.

Before Home Performance Test

roof heat loss in clive
To reduce overall air leakage, the attic is the first priority. Warm air rises to the top of the home and will find any and all holes to leak out of into the cold vented attic. Looking at the roof of this Clive, IA home, it is easy to tell where the heat is escaping based on the melted spots of snow on the roof.
attic frost in clive
Attic Frost is the result of conditioned air leaking out of your home in the winter. Attic Frost can lead to mold, wet insulation, and find a way back into the home resulting in water stains on the ceiling.

Home Performance Test

After going out to Greg and his wife’s home, we noticed many different issues with heat loss in their home. Just by looking at their snow-covered roof, we could tell from the melting spots that those were where the heat was escaping. Doing the Home Performance Test we were able to find the exact points where the heat was escaping. In their attic, the exhaust was being released into open-air in the attic gaining lots of moisture in the air. With the cold temperatures, it was causing frost to be built up in the attic. The current fiberglass insulation they had was not providing a high enough R-value with gaps in certain areas.

Air sealing in clive, iowaafter insulation installed in clive, iowa attic

Your Local Cellulose Insulation & Air Sealing Experts in Clive, IA

Before installing the Cellulose insulation, we air sealed parts of Greg’s attic. Air sealing parts of their attic before laying down the insulation was going to make a significant difference in their home. We insulated their attic with 8 inches of blown-in cellulose. The thick layer of insulation filled easily and worked great in minimizing the open spaces giving their home the correct R-value their home needed. Cellulose insulation is denser and more effective than the traditional fiberglass. It is resistant to mold, insects, and it is eco-friendly.

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