Project Description

Maritia’s Home Defense LeafGuard® Gutter Project In Des Moines, Iowa

Lack of Home Defense

Maritia’s quaint Des Moines, Iowa home was in serious need of home defense gutter systems. Being a retired homeowner, she was done with finding gutter maintenance constantly. Her gutters were starting to crack, pull away from the home, and getting filled up with yucky debris. They were causing more damage to her home than they were supposed to do. It needed some life brought to it. After hearing from her granddaughter how she needed to find a solution ASAP, Maria knew it was time to find a company to help her. She ended up seeing an ad for us on her TV and decided to give us a call to see what LeafGuard® Gutters were and how they could provide home defense to her Des Moines, Iowa home.

Before Home Defense

front of home lack of home defense gutters
Maritia’s home was in need of serious repair.
up close view of downspout
Maritia’s downspout was cracked, worn out, and just not working properly overall. The water was not channeling out correctly causing damage to her siding and foundation.

Home Defended Thanks To LeafGuard®

Maritia’s Des Moines, Iowa home is now defended from any sort of damages thanks to LeafGuard® Gutters. We installed 273 ft. all around her home providing her with a maintenance-free lifestyle. Not only does it provide her home protection, but the gutter system has given her Des Moines, Iowa home new life. Repairing the cracked gutter and downspouts, the water will channel where it is supposed to. LeafGuard® Gutters are a one-piece seamless gutter system that features a curved cover that effectively channels the water away from the home. They also feature larger downspouts so it can handle heavier rainfall with ease. Maritia is living a maintenance-free lifestyle forever thanks to LeafGuard® Gutters.

After Home Defense

final home defense Gutter front of home
Maritia’s home has a newer curb appeal to it with LeafGuard® Gutters installed.
side of home gutter view in Des Moines, Iowa
LeafGuard® gutters effectively channels the water away from the home, prevents debris from building up, and eliminates the risk of the gutters leaking.

Providing Home Defense Gutter Services Throughout Iowa

Are you suffering from clogged filled, cracked, and worn out gutters? Looking to invest in a worthy gutter system that will last you a lifetime? Then you need to reach out to Home Solutions of Iowa for a free estimate on LeafGuard® Gutters. Being the only authorized source for LeafGuard® in the state of Iowa, our experts are ready to help and explain to you the great benefits that come out of installing this gutter system.

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