Project Description

Paul’s Gutter Maintenance in West Des Moines, Iowa

Gutter Maintenance x2

Paul is a homeowner of multiple properties in West Des Moines, IA. With two homes, he struggled to make sure everything was being taken care of and had proper gutter maintenance, which was always last on the to-do list. With there never being enough time in the day, Paul was limited to the amount of work he could get done on each home. That’s when he called Home Solutions of Iowa for a free LeafGuard® gutter system estimate and wanted to see what we had to offer.

Before Gutter Maintenance

open style gutter mainteance in west des moines
Open style gutters on Paul’s West Des Moines, IA home were home to the falling leaves from the surrounding trees.

Maintenance Free Solution

LeafGuard® gutters offered Paul’s homes the best solution possible, maintenance free. Paul never has to worry about his gutters again. Over 400 feet of LeafGuard® Brand Gutters now safeguard his homes and they are going to protect his landscaping, roofing and will never clog, guaranteed.

After Gutter Maintenance

curbside view of leafguard in west des moines
The LeafGuard® gutters were formed for this West Des Moines, IA home from a single seamless piece of aluminum; custom formed onsite.
back of home leafguard view of proper gutter mainteance
LeafGuard® Gutters are stronger and more durable than any other gutter system.

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