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Gary’s Cellulose Insulation Project In Nevada, Iowa

Cold Rooms In Nevada

With the temperatures dropping, Gary started to notice it was getting colder in his Nevada, Iowa house as well. He was struggling with keeping his home warm without constantly turning up their thermostat. Gary reached out to us at Home Solutions of Iowa for a Home Performance Evaluation.

Air leakage happens throughout the home as the air slips through the joints, cracks, and openings. This process forces the heating and cooling system to work harder.
One of the common places that air tends to escape from is in the plumbing and wiring through the floors.

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After going out to Gary’s home and running a Heat Map Analysis Test, we presented him with the exact visual of where heat was escaping from his home. Before laying down the new insulation, we sucked up all of the Fiberglass that was laid down before. From there, we Air Sealed all the nooks and cracks around the attic where the air was leaking out. Air Sealing provides a better-insulated home with it eliminating leaks and making the home more comfortable and efficient. After Air Sealing, we blew in Cellulose Insulation. It contains a fluffy and lightweight material. It is much better for your health and safer as it is less of a fire hazard than traditional fiberglass. Gary’s home is now fully insulated and won’t allow any heat to leak from his home giving him the ideal comfort throughout his Nevada, Iowa home.

We use something called an R-Value to measure how much insulation is needed in the home. Think of the R-Value like a large winter coat. Winter coats do not actually make you warmer on their own, but rather they trap the body heat that you produce and make it harder for it to escape. Your body heat will simply disperse into the cold air without this additional obstacle.
Cellulose Insulation is resistant to combustion, insects, and mold. Our blown-in insulation is an affordable and effective way to upgrade your attic insulation. It’s also better than traditional fiberglass because it fills more space.

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If you are experiencing cold drafts, cold rooms, or cold floors; contact us today for your personalized Home Performance Test. We have various options depending on where your home may be losing heat.

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