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Eunice’s Spray Foam Insulation Project in Boone, Iowa

Cold Basement in Boone

Eunice has been a part of our Home Solutions of Iowa family since 2008 when we first installed LeafGuard® Brand Gutters on her home in Boone, Iowa. When she started having trouble keeping the cold air out and the warm is in, we made a special trip to find the cause of the issue. The rim joists were a large source of energy loss in her home. The rim joists were stuffed with basic fiberglass batt insulation without air sealing, allowing winter air from outside the home to constantly leak in through the wood joints, gaps, and openings for duct, plumbing, and electric wires. Another factor with fiberglass insulation, it loses R-value when it is damp. Midwest basements tend to be naturally damp and have condensation issues.


before insulation on rim joist home
Eunice struggled to keep the basement warm during the colder months.

Spray Foam Insulation

Our solution, air sealing, and insulating at the same time with spray foam insulation to diminish air leakage from Eunice’s Boone, Iowa home. Is your basement cold? Call Home Solutions of Iowa today for your free Home Performance Evaluation, and find out how our home comfort solutions can maximize your home’s comfort and efficiency for the rest of winter!


spray foam insulation in rim joist
Spray foam insulation was installed in the rim joists of the basement. Pictured is the area above the drop ceiling in the basement.

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