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Phillippe’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project In Boone, Iowa

Goal: Enhance Curb Appeal

Phillippe’s Boone, Iowa home features a beautiful and quaint setup. He had one goal in mind when updating the exterior of his home, to enhance his curb appeal. Having owned his home for 10 years, his gutters have gone through a lot. Snow, wind, and hail have all done a number to the exterior of his Boone, Iowa home. It was time he updated his gutters to a system that had benefits including maintenance-free and no clogs. Phillippe went to Google to do research like many other homeowners. He came across a gutter system called LeafGuard® Gutters. Wanting to know more about this system, he reached out to Home Solutions of Iowa for a free estimate.


open style gutters in boone

Enhance Curb Appeal With LeafGuard®

Phillippe made the best decision with having LeafGuard® installed on his Boone, Iowa home. Our Home Solution Expert explained that with LeafGuard®, Phillippe would never have to worry about cleaning his gutters, having water damage, leaky gutters, or clogs. This one-piece system features a curved cover that is part of the gutter itself. With a whole new system, Phillippe won’t ever have to worry about replacing his gutters again. Not only did Phillippe add support to his exterior home but he also enhanced his curb appeal.


Curb Appeal With LeafGuard® Gutters
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