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Emily’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project In Grimes, Iowa

Climbing Ladders Can Be Dangerous

Emily’s Grimes, Iowa home was not made for climbing ladders. This two-story home was very problematic with how high her gutters were. She was unable to climb up a ladder without feeling like she would end up in the hospital with a broken leg. It is said that 57% of ladder accidents are because homeowners were cleaning out their gutters. Cleaning gutters was not what she wanted to do. Instead of risking her life for gutter maintenance, Emily knew she needed to invest in a lifetime gutter system. The DSM Home & Garden Show was coming up and Emily knew that would be the place to seek out multiple gutter contractors. Emily came across the Home Solutions of Iowa booth and decided to see what LeafGuard® Gutters could do for her Grimes, Iowa home.


before back of home gutters
Emily’s two-story home was challenging for gutter maintenance. Unsafe to get climb up on a ladder to fish out leaves and debris, Emily needed a solution to her clogged gutter issues.


grimes LeafGuard gutters front of home
LeafGuard® Gutters effectively channel water away from the home, prevents debris from building up and clogging gutters, eliminates the possibility of gutters leaking and causing costly water damage, and does not require cleaning or any other sort of maintenance.
grimes leafguard gutters back of home
Emily can be sure to enjoy not ever having to worry about climbing a ladder again thanks to LeafGuard® Gutters.

Keeping Homeowners Safe & Happy

We went out to Emily’s Grimes, Iowa home to provide her with a free estimate on LeafGuard® Gutters. Walking around her home, we noticed right away that her open-style gutters would cause her annoyance and stress for many years down the road if she didn’t invest in a quality gutter system. Cleaning gutters was a thing of the past with our lifetime solution.

LeafGuard® was the best solution as it is a one-piece patented maintenance-free gutter system. What makes LeafGuard® the best system for any home but even more two-story homes is that it features a curved cover that is part of the gutter itself – not a separate piece that is added after the fact. Emily won’t have to worry about checking her gutters or climbing ladders again. This system is truly a maintenance-free system and Emily made the best decision by having LeafGuard® installed on her Grimes, Iowa home.

Do you want to say goodbye to cleaning gutters? Are you interested to see how LeafGuard® Gutters can benefit your Grimes, Iowa home? Contact us today to get set up with a free estimate!

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