Project Description

Elizabeth’s Cellulose Insulation Project in Clive, Iowa

Uncomfortable Rooms In Clive

Elizabeth loves to spend her winter days cooped up in the house with her kids. As she loved to be inside away from the cold, she noticed it was following her into her Clive, Iowa. She noticed her kid’s rooms had a cold draft coming through. Unsure of how to fix this issue as turning up the thermostat wasn’t working, she reached out to us at Home Solutions of Iowa for help.

To reduce air leakage, the attic is the first priority. Warm air rises to the top of the home and will find any and all holes to leak out of into the cold vented attic.
r value cellulose insulation
We use a Dr. Energy Saver ruler to measure the Cellulose Insulation we blow into the attic. The R-Value is the measure of how resistant it is to heat transfer. The higher the R-Value, the more resistant the material is to heat transfer for any given thickness.

Identifying the Issue

We went out to Elizabeth’s Clive, Iowa home to identify where heat was escaping from her home. As a homeowner, it is very easy to figure out there is an issue with insulation in the Winter. After doing a Home Performance Evaluation, we removed the insulation that was already installed in Elizabeth’s attic. We air sealed the nooks and cracks throughout her attic. Air Sealing provides a fuller insulated home. After the Air Sealing was complete, we laid down Cellulose Insulation. Elizabeth’s home is now properly insulated with the complete job of removing old insulation, Air Sealing the cracks and nooks, and blowing in Cellulose Insulation.

Is Your Home Under-Insulated?

Do you feel cold drafts or cold floors throughout your Central Iowa home? It is no fun to live in a cold home, call us today for your free Home Performance Evaluation!

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