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Dramatic Home Improvements with New Gutters

Gutter Solution for Retirees

David and his wife live a quiet life at their home in Sigourney, Iowa. As a retired couple, gutter maintenance is neither fun nor easy to do. Especially during the colder months, climbing a ladder and digging out leaves is the last thing you should have to do. Luckily, we have a solution for you! To find out, continue reading to see how we solved David’s gutter problems on his home.

  • Home improvements with new gutters
  • Dramatic home improvements
  • Before home improvements

Ugly, clogged gutters: Falling leaves and gutters do not work well together, especially for retirees. David and his wife needed a new gutter system that would improve their home dramatically.

The Problem

Falling leaves can lead to clogged gutters if you have a traditional open-style system. David and his wife struggled with this issue, as they have many overhanging trees around their home. A Home Solutions of Iowa commercial came on TV and they were instantly intrigued by the LeafGuard® system. David did not hesitate to give us a call right away.

The Installation

After a property assessment was completed, we installed 275 feet of LeafGuard® gutters and downspouts on David’s home. He chose to keep this system white and truly added visual appeal to his home, with his green metal roof. Our crew worked efficiently and updated David during the installation process, answering any questions along the way.

The Results

The results of this new LeafGuard® system were stunning! Not only can David and his wife have peace of mind by not having any more gutter maintenance, but their home has a fresh look and enhanced curb appeal. By installing LeafGuard®, retirees can enjoy watching the falling leaves without worry.

  • Dramatic home improvements
  • Home improvements with new gutters
  • Home improvements

After installation: David and his wife can now enjoy their retirement without the tedious task of gutter cleaning. LeafGuard® is the best option for retired homeowners since it requires zero maintenance. 

Home Improvements with LeafGuard® Gutters

With over 20 years of experience, Home Solutions of Iowa is here to help you live a maintenance-free lifestyle while providing top-notch service. From serving over 30,000 customers across the state, we are the exterior remodeling company you can trust.

If you or someone you know is a retired homeowner struggling with clogged gutters, click here or give us a call at 515-999-2896 and we will schedule a free LeafGuard® estimate for you.

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