Project Description

Dennis’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project in Des Moines, Iowa

Invest in the Best Gutters in Des Moines

When your home is engulfed with trees, it’s hard to stay ahead on gutter maintenance come fall. In Des Moines, Dennis and his wife decided it was worth the investment to take gutter cleaning off their spring and fall cleaning checklists forever.


Open-style gutter systems can’t handle the Iowa elements. The gutters and downspouts of this Des Moines, IA home are too small, causing rainwater to overflow and backflow rainwater behind the gutter.

Enjoy Your Free Time

With Dennis being retired, he and his wife want to enjoy their free time doing things they love, gutter maintenance not being one of them. They decided to contact us at Home Solutions of Iowa. We installed over 400 feet of eggshell LeafGuard® Brand gutters on their Des Moines, IA home. LeafGuard® gutters will prevent clogs from forming and keep water flowing freely away from their home.


LeafGuard® gutters add looks, function, and durability to Dennis’s Central Iowa home. Because our gutter guard is not an add-on, but an integral part of the gutter itself, LeafGuard® gutters are stronger and handle more rain than competing gutter hoods.
LeafGuard® gutters patented one-piece design gives the roofline a finished look that adds to the curb appeal of this Des Moines, IA home.
LeafGuard® Brand gutters look beautiful on this Des Moines, IA home. LeafGuard® Gutters’ sleek one-piece styling does not interfere with your roofline or look like a bulky add-on.
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