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Deborah’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project In Waukee, Iowa

New Gutter System Needed In Waukee

Deborah and her husband recently retired from their jobs. They were ready to relax and spend their days doing what they want to do. Gutter maintenance was not on that list of things they love to do. Their Waukee, Iowa home had a really bad section that loved to get filled up with leaves and debris. Being on the uneven ground getting up on a ladder was dangerous for them. Instead of constantly risking their lives, Deborah and her husband were ready to invest in a reliable gutter system that would allow them to put the ladder away forever.

Before & After

Deborah and her husband were in need of a gutter system that would allow them to forget about gutter maintenance altogether.

Safeguarded With LeafGuard®

We went out to Deborah and her husband Waukee, Iowa home to explain how they would benefit from LeafGuard® Gutters. Right away they were sold on the maintenance-free lifestyle. The one section that tended to get clogged up will remain clog-free with the one-piece patented system. LeafGuard® will effectively channel the water away from their home, prevent debris from building up and clogging their gutters, eliminate any possibility of their gutter leaking and causing costly water damage, and does not require cleaning what so ever. Enjoying the new look of LeafGuard®, they have one of the best curb appeals on the block. Deborah and her husband are safeguarded with the best gutter system on the market.

Before & After

Deborah and her husband made the right decision with installing LeafGuard® on their Waukee, Iowa home.

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