Project Description

Dave’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project in Beaverdale, Iowa

Damaged Gutters in Beaverdale, Iowa

Dave and his wife Sue are homeowners in Beaverdale, Iowa. Dave works mornings and afternoons as a bus driver for the school district of Ankeny and Sue works weekdays, leaving them little time for home maintenance, let alone climbing dangerous ladders to clean and repair gutters. Last winter took a toll on Dave’s gutters and this year he wanted a durable, maintenance-free solution.


winter damage to beaverdale iowa home
The added weight of snow and ice last winter was too much for the open style gutter to handle, causing it to pull away from this Beaverdale, Iowa home.

Worry-Free Solution

HSI replaced and installed over 300 feet of LeafGuard® Brand Gutters and downspouts on Dave’s Beaverdale, Iowa home. Our team at Home Solutions of Iowa helped create a safer outdoor living area free from the dangers of hanging gutters and eliminated the threat of water damage from poorly functioning gutters.

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curbside view of beaverdale iowa home
Attention is paid to every detail in the installation of a LeafGuard® gutter. Specially designed, non-corrosive hangers support the hood and are attached through the back of the gutter to your fascia board with screws, not nails, which can pull away from wood. The hangers are spaced at two-foot intervals, which is more than twice the industry standard, ensuring added strength and durability.
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