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Custom Insulation in Urbandale, Iowa

Can Lights in Urbandale

If you have recessed lighting installed on your home, they can be a problem area when losing heat; the heat seeps through the recessed light and into the attic. Sheila was dealing with cold rooms and drafty floors, one of the culprits was the recessed lights.


can light in urbandale iowa attic
Pictured is the view of the recessed light from the attic. Most can light are not rated to have insulation against them because of the fire hazard when these fixtures get hot. And gaps in attic insulation cause heat loss in addition to the can light air leakage problem.

Eliminating Air Leakage

We addressed this issue by placing can light insulation covers over them in the attic and then air sealing. The cover will keep the blown-in cellulose insulation that we added to the attic safely away from the light and the air sealing will eliminate air leakage into the attic. Are you dealing with a similar situation? Call us at Home Solutions of Iowa today for your free Home Performance Evaluation, and find out how our home comfort solutions can maximize your home’s comfort.


Air Sealing bathroom ducts attic urbandale
The can light covers are installed over the lights, fitted around wires and fixture struts, and air sealed. Once the cover was installed, we were able to blow-in cellulose insulation against and over them safely.
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