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Custom Insulation in Altoona, Iowa

Condensation on Basement Walls

The basement of this Altoona home was having issues staying warm and moisture building up on the walls, this was a sign that heat was escaping the home. In this case we needed to address the rim joist and the cement walls that were above-grade.

altoona rim joist pre installation
Pictured is during the installation of the graphite infused foam insulation. You can also see that the wall has been air sealed along the bottom.

Our Custom Solution

Because half of the basement wall was above-grade, we needed to insulate the portion of the wall that was above ground along with insulating the rim joist. We first air sealed the walls in order to ensure there would be no air leakage, then spray foamed the rim joist (it both air seals and insulates), and lastly added graphite infused foam insulation to the walls. The foam insulation has a radiant barrier on the surface. The foam board will insulate the walls and the radiant barrier will reflect the indoor heat back inside.

altoona custom insulation project
After the foam insulation was installed, above the rim joist was then air sealed and insulated with spray foam.

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