Project Description

Stanley’s Custom Fitted LeafGuard® Gutter Project in Oskaloosa, Iowa

Custom Fitted Gutter Solutions Needed

Recently retired, Stanley enjoys fishing and volunteering around his hometown of Oskaloosa. A typical weekend chore of cleaning out his gutters had turned into a part-time job. He needed a custom-fitted gutter to fix this issue. The process of rigging up a 30 ft ladder and cleaning out the debris in his gutters, just became too time-consuming and dangerous. Falling off ladders is one of the leading causes of accidents around the home. Thousands of people, every year experience falls from ladders while doing repairs, home maintenance, and cleaning out their gutters. Stanley did not want to be a statistic, he did the smart thing by calling us for a solution to his gutter cleaning routine.

curbside view of leafguard gutters
Stanley was tired of climbing ladders to clean his gutters out on his two-story Oskaloosa home.

Custom Fitted Solution

Our custom-fitted LeafGuard® gutters keep leaves and other debris out of Stanley’s gutters. He will never have to climb ladders to clean out clogs or worry about water damage caused by clogged gutters. Stanley and his family have the peace-of-mind knowing their LeafGuard® gutters are guaranteed not to clog. Since 2003 Home Solutions of Iowa has protected over 25,000 homes from water damage, surface erosion, and climbing ladders – due to clogged gutters.

garage view of custom fitted leafguard gutters
Our LeafGuard® system lasts for a lifetime, Stanley can cross gutter maintenance off his task list. He can spend more time fishing around Lake Keomah near Oskaloosa.
backyard view of custom fitted gutters
Over 180 ft of our clog-free LeafGuard® Gutters now protect Stanley’s home in Oskaloosa, IA.
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