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Phil’s Insulation Project in Ankeny, Iowa

Cold Temperatures, Colder Home

With the cold temperatures setting in, Phil was struggling to keep his Ankeny, Iowa home warm. Constantly turning up his thermostat, he knew something wasn’t right. He needed a solution ASAP with the cold temperatures not changing anytime soon so he reached out to us at Home Solutions of Iowa for help.

Cause of Cold Temperatures

fiberglass insulation cold temperatures
Each region has an R-value the home should be insulated with. The higher the R-value the more resistant the material is to heat transfer for any given thickness. The more resistant, the longer it takes for heat to flow out of the room through the material, and as a result, less energy is required to keep a room at a given temperature.
Attic Frost in ankeny
Attic Frost is the result of conditioned air leaking out of your home in the winter. Attic Frost can lead to mold, wet insulation, and find a way back into the home resulting in water stains on the ceiling.

Minimizing Cold Temperatures With Our Solutions

Once we got up in Phil’s attic, we noticed many issues off the bat. Not only did we notice the insulation was not at the correct R-Value it needed to be but frost was building up in his attic. Attic Frost can cause serious damage to the attic if not taken care of. To provide Phil with the best home solution, we Air Sealed the cracks, joints, and other openings in the attic. Air Sealing provides full coverage eliminating leaks and makes your home more comfortable and efficient. After Air Sealing, we blew in Cellulose Insulation. It is made from recycled materials that are ground into a fluffy, lightweight material. Cellulose provides a higher R-Value than traditional fiberglass. Phil’s Ankeny home is fully insulated with no worries about heat loss.

Cold Temperature Solutions

after insulation in ankeny, iowa attic
Cellulose Insulation has the highest safety rating giving it the Class 1 fire safety rating. It is resistant to mold and insects.
R-value insulation in ankeny
Insulation by Home Solutions of Iowa’s trained energy experts can come out and test, inspect, and speak with you about how we can improve the comfort of your home.

Stop Cold Temperatures In Your Home

Are you experiencing cold drafts, cold rooms, or cold floors? Call us today for your free Home Performance Evaluation Test today. We can provide you with a full solution so you can be more comfortable in your Central Iowa home.

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