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Clog-free Solutions for Retirees in Elk Run Heights

LeafGuard Gutter Protection

In the charming neighborhood of Elk Run Heights, nestled within the comforting embrace of their ranch-style home, reside the Neely Family. Their journey together spans numerous decades and many cherished memories have been made at their residence. As they gracefully embrace their retirement – a search began for clog-free solutions that would eliminate the need for regular gutter maintenance and provide additional protection for their property.

Upon reaching out to HSI, a free consultation was arranged to assess the unique requirements of the Neely’s. They were presented with LeafGuard® Gutter protection, renowned for its effectiveness and low-maintenance features.

Years of battling the elements: As the “Big Box Store” gutter covers deteriorate, they may become less effective at preventing debris from entering the gutter system. This can lead to clogs and blockages, inhibiting proper water flow and potentially causing water to overflow.

Leafguard gutter wide mouth up close

LeafGuard®: Clog-free Solutions in Iowa

  • Clog-free Solutions: LeafGuard® eliminates Neely’s worry about gutter cleaning, cutting maintenance costs and physical strain.

  • Clog Prevention: LeafGuard®‘s integrated hood prevents clogs, ensuring seamless water flow by stopping debris, leaves, and pests.

  • Enhanced Home Aesthetics: LeafGuard® gutters’ sleek look enhances curb appeal, effortlessly complementing the home’s architecture.

  • Foundation Protection: The patented gutter system safeguards the foundation, preventing water damage and structural issues, and ensuring property integrity.

  • Peace of Mind: With LeafGuard®, the Neelys retire worry-free, enjoying serenity as gutter issues no longer plague their home.

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The house’s custom-fitted gutters matched its dimensions, enhancing charm like crown molding and assuring the Neelys. Their recently installed gutter system, crafted from 20% thicker aluminum than standard, heightened their security and satisfaction.

The Clog-free Solution: LeafGuard® Gutter Protection

The Neelys’ home in Elk Run Heights saw exceptional benefits with LeafGuard® gutter protection. Notably, the project entailed the installation of 118 feet of White LeafGuard® Gutters on their charming 1979 Ranch-style home. This enhancement not only amplified the home’s visual appeal but also seamlessly echoed the elegance of crown molding, while remarkably preventing debris, leaves, and pests from obstructing the gutters. Discover clog-free solutions today with a free home improvement estimate!

As we proudly commemorate our 20th year in business, we encourage you to check out our world of seamless home solutions. Embrace this opportunity and secure a complimentary home improvement quote now!

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