Project Description

Chloe’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project in Dallas Center, Iowa

More Free Time on the Weekend in Dallas Center

Chloe’s home is located in Dallas Center, IA. She is a single homeowner and usually spends her days working, this doesn’t leave her much time to do exterior home maintenance. Her home is surrounded by a large grouping of trees and open cornfields are close by. With the aggressive Iowa wind combined with open cornfields, all sorts of leaves and debris are carried and end up in her gutters, making gutter maintenance a common task throughout the summer months. Chloe’s main concern is how often she has to clean her gutters. Being a widow, she didn’t feel comfortable anymore climbing ladders when no one was around. Our solution, LeafGuard® Brand Gutters.


This Dallas Center home’s gutters were subject to constant clogs from the surrounding trees and cornfields.

Maintenance-Free and Durable Solution

After hearing about Chloe’s gutter maintenance issues, our solution, LeafGuard® Brand Gutters. We installed over 200 feet of seamless, white, aluminum, LeafGuard® gutters on her Iowa home. She can now appreciate the peace of mind knowing her gutters are maintenance-free and durable. They will never rust, deteriorate, or interfere with future projects on her home.


Seamless, custom fit LeafGuard® Brand Gutters now safeguard this Dallas Center, Iowa home.
LeafGuard® Brand Gutters are built to last and you will never have to be replaced while you own your home.
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