Project Description

Cheryl’s LeafGuard® Gutter Project in Ottumwa, Iowa

Standing Water in Ottumwa

Cheryl has owned her Ottumwa, Iowa home for over 40 years and she was in need of a gutter upgrade. Her gutters were often clogged with leaves and twigs causing overflowing rainwater damaging her flowerbeds and leading to standing water.


ottumwa iowa clogged gutters with leaves and debris
Cheryl’s gutters were constantly clogged with leaves and twigs.
curbside view of ottumwa iowa home
Mature overhanging trees were causing a lot of issues with Cheryl’s open style gutters.

A Maintenance-Free Solution

As a retired single homeowner, Cheryl won’t have to worry about gutter maintenance ever again. We installed over 250 feet of seamless LeafGuard® Brand Gutters on her Ottumwa home. For your free estimate, contact us today at 515-999-2896.


leafguard on ottumwa iowa home
After LeafGuard® gutters were installed on Cheryl’s Ottumwa, Iowa home.

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